Because education is never free!

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Education is not free! “An investment in knowledge still yields the best interest!” (Benjamin Franklin). We are of the same opinion; because every child who graduates from school through extracurricular support is also an investment in our city and in our country! Education is not free! Especially extracurricular learning support costs money. In the pedagogical workshop Wuppertal-Ost, building blocks such as early intervention, volunteer reading mentors, tutoring and creative activities are designed to support children who are affected by poverty and language problems. This is only possible through your donation! A donation that has a double effect, because: From October to December 2023, the Bethe Foundation will double every donation up to € 2,000 that is made to the following account: Association Help for Integration in Wuppertal Bank for Church and Diaconia IBAN: DE69 3506 0190 1030 0370 10 Password: Lernwerkstatt Bethe Verdopplungsaktion
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