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About Us

KOMM is an initiative of the united evangelical parish of Heckinghausen and the YMCA Heckinghausen. KOMM is particularly committed to helping families, children and young people who come to the east of Wuppertal as asylum seekers and refugees.

The existing structures in the district are used and those involved, with or without a migration background, are motivated to contribute their strengths on a voluntary basis. Problems are tackled together. This helps to become a community.

In addition to the established offers for people with a refugee background, the refugee initiative wants to offer a monthly women’s breakfast for women with and without a migration background in 2018 in cooperation with the Heckinghausen neighbourhood office.

A language café is also planned.In addition, volunteers with a refugee background are to receive special training and support this year. The highlight of 2018 will be a family camp lasting several days in the Odenwald, which will be organised in cooperation with the YMCA Westbund and the SkF Bergisch Land. The programme will be organised by people with a refugee background.

As a supplement to the tried and tested family sponsorship project, KOMM wants to set up an “expert council”: Engineers, teachers, craftsmen and therapists, as well as pensioners with a lot of knowledge and life experience support asylum seekers with their knowledge and experience.

“Home is where I feel comfortable and find my place,” says Dorothee van den Borre, chairperson of the association. “The offers mesh like cogs, so that people of different origins grow together and are committed to each other.”

Here we introduce our sponsors who financially support the KOMM project:


Hoffnungsträger Foundation supports projects for refugees with a total of 100,000 euros

The Komm – Initiative receives 5000 euros

Wuppertal. The Hoffnungsträger Stiftung (Leonberg/Baden-Württemberg) has launched a funding programme with a total volume of 100,000 euros to give initiatives for refugees a helping hand. The programme was aimed at Christian congregations, associations and organisations that implement projects in this area, strengthen refugees in their personal development and support them in their integration. The Komm Initiative from Wuppertal is now receiving support from the foundation in the amount of 1000/5000 euros from this funding pot.

Over the last year, Heckinghausen has become a home for many asylum seekers and applicants on a short, medium or long-term basis. In order to meet this challenge, the YMCA Heckinghausen, in cooperation with the Protestant Church of Heckinghausen and the Stadtmission Wuppertal, decided to pool their resources and jointly launch projects that will help asylum seekers and applicants to experience a welcoming culture here. With its projects, the KOMM initiative wants to enable families, children and young people who have come to the east of Wuppertal to make friends and find a piece of home. In doing so, it makes use of existing structures and motivates all those involved – regardless of whether they have a migration background or not – to contribute their strengths on a voluntary basis. Problems are tackled together. This helps to become a community.

Dorothee van den Borre, head of the project, is happy about the 5.000€ from the Hoffnungsträger Stiftung. “With this funding, we are able to train and support the interpreter project of the Komm Initiative, which has set itself the goal of using pupils who came to Germany as refugees or asylum seekers and are now able to express themselves bilingually as young interpreters,” says Ms van den Borre.
The central concern of the foundation was that the projects should directly benefit the refugees and that they should primarily involve volunteers. Another important criterion for the support of projects was their sustainability and the degree of multiplicability.

To ensure that as many different projects as possible could benefit from the programme, there were two funding levels: 1000 euros are given to projects that are just starting up. 5000 euros are available for initiatives that have already existed for a longer period of time and want to grow.

The Hoffnungsträger Stiftung supports people who are looking for protection and a dignified life. It is committed to the integration of refugees in Germany and provides sponsorship for children worldwide whose fathers or mothers are in prison. In addition, the foundation supports selected projects in the social sector at home and abroad.

More information at www.hoffnungstraeger.de