Future Project – Lernspaziergang (Learning Walk)

Future Project Learning Walk

Every year, the foundation of the “Bank für Kirche und Diakonie” (Bank for Church and Diaconia) awards forward-looking projects in the church and diaconia. Among the 71 initiatives that are funded with a total of 180,000 euros is the support association “Help for Integration in Wuppertal” of the KOMM initiative from Heckinghausen.

The association receives around 3,000 euros for learning walks, where volunteer older learning mentors practise reading, arithmetic and writing with learning children – and explore nature along the way.

Tackling problems together

KOMM is an initiative of the Protestant church community and the YMCA Heckinghausen and stands for “Creative – Open – Multicultural – Motivated”. It is particularly committed to families, children and young people who come to the east of Wuppertal as asylum seekers and refugees.

The existing structures in the district are used and those involved, with or without a migration background, are motivated to contribute their strengths on a voluntary basis. Problems are tackled together, says Dorothee van den Borre, chairperson of the association. “Home is where I feel comfortable and find my place. The offers mesh like cogs, so that people from different backgrounds grow together and are committed to each other.”

Text: Damaschke/Dünow
Photo: KOMM/Archive


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